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FirstLook is a self-guiding exercise package that contains a customized scenario and a self-evaluation report form.


Customized Crisis Simulation Exercises

The FirstLook scenario is designed by our creative team that has hand crafted hundreds of customized scenarios for Fortune and Global 500 companies. During each stage of a FirstLook scenario, an audio guide provides details on the current situation as well as a series of questions. Participants then discuss that part of the scenario with a goal to identifying any potential issues or gaps in planning and response capabilities. The scenario continues for two more inject periods.

Our partnership with PreparedEx on crisis preparedness has helped uncover new opportunities for our organization through creative, comprehensive training exercises. Rob and the team always bring a creative yet realistic approach to the crisis scenarios we map out and are excellent facilitators too. I have trusted them to execute exercises with some of our most senior leaders as well as factory teams. They are certainly a leading consultant in the space of crisis training and preparedness.

Corporate Communications Manager, Global 100 Consumer Products Company

The Process

5 Steps to Build Your Scenario

Step 1

Contact us and we will send you the service agreement for you to sign

Step 2
Once the service agreement has been signed, a PreparedEx scenario design specialist will contact you to schedule a call to start planning the scenario. Prior to this call, you will receive a document with some simple questions regarding the exercise.
Step 3
The PreparedEx exercise design team creates the first draft of the scenario. Our exercise design specialist works with you on some of the details. This ensures active participation during your FirstLook exercise.
Step 4
A final review of the completed scenario is carried out and any small edits are made.
Note: Due to clarifying the scenario script in Step 3, any changes to audio-visuals at this stage will be charged at an hourly rate.
Step 5

We send you your FirstLook exercise package including the report form.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Scenarios can We have designed?

We create any type of scenario based on your exercise objectives. Some of the more common scenarios include:

  • Active Shooter / Violent Intruder
  • Data Breach / Cyber Security
  • Supply Chain Issues (Recall, I.T. issues)
  • Natural Disasters (Hurricanes, Flooding, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, etc.)
  • Operational Issues (Fires, Explosions,
  • Activism

How long does a FirstLook exercise typically last?

FirstLook scenarios include three inject periods. On average, each inject period should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete. So, between 90 minutes and two hours would be a typical length. The more engagement you get, the longer the sessions will go, which is positive. The scenarios can be used with different teams within your organization or be shared with vendors and other key stakeholders for their review or use.

What technology do I need to run a FirstLook exercise??

You will need standard equipment that you would normally use for a typical presentation. Files will be sent in PowerPoint format for the scenario and Microsoft Word and Adobe reader for the report form and other documents.

How do we get started with the First Look service?

It’s simple, use the contact form at the bottom of this page to contact us with any questions, to request pricing and begin the 5 step process outlined here.