Communicating with your stakeholders is important at any time. Communicating with them during emergencies is especially important. In episode 75 we interview Tamrin Olden and discuss the importance of communicating with your stakeholders and putting a plan together that ensures you’re ahead of the curve when an incident happens.  

About Tamrin  

Tamrin has over 16 years of experience doing public relations for local government and law enforcement agencies. As a communications manager, she has developed and managed all aspects of public relations from marketing and branding to social media and PIO. She’s managed communications for multiple critical incidents and has established a positive reputation amongst law enforcement and media professionals for her professionalism, innovation, and transparency. 

Over the last three years, Tamrin has worked with dozens of organizations, businesses, non-profit groups, and associations to provide training, websites, digital marketing, and communications consulting. 

Her skill set is unique in that she doesn’t just help with strategy, she provides clients hands on assistance to implement it, as well as teach them how to do it. From setting up social media to graphic design, websites to news conferences, Tamrin has the skills and experience to provide A to Z services to fit the individual needs of her clients.