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Who We Are

We lead the way when it comes to crisis management preparedness. Our team has built and managed real crisis management and preparedness programs across various industries.

From the Managing Director

The PreparedEx Story

PreparedEx began in 2005 as Blue Water Partners Global, providing security management services for the maritime shipping industry. Our success with global shipping companies, ports around the world and conducting crisis exercises led our team to focus on a core service – highly realistic simulated crisis exercises – which we found to be much in demand across all markets.

In 2014, after making some organizational changes so we could better serve our greatly expanded range of markets, we rebranded the company. And so, PreparedEx was born. Since then we have continued to steadily grow our products and services in our commitment to helping all types of organizations achieve their highest levels of crisis preparedness.

Our People

A Team Of Professionals

Robert Burton

Managing Director

Dale Allen

Managing Director

Will Braman

Managing Director

Mike Rinaldi

Technology Manager

Jenny Svenstrup

Creative Manager

Don Estes

War Gaming Specialist

David Kalson

Crisis Communications Associate

Heather Engel

Cyber Security

Aaron Marks

Senior Exercise Specialist

Shane Mathew

Crisis and Business Continuity

Rich Widup

Physical Security Advisor