In Episode 91 of our podcast, we interviewed Dave Rogers and discussed his career within the Navy SEALS, his time spent in politics as well as his journey through life. The interview goes into some of the lessons he learned during BUD/S training and especially Hell Week, which, if you are aware, is one of the most challenging weeks during the six months of training before becoming a SEAL. Dave also talks about leadership skills and the importance of staying physically and mentally strong to make sound decisions. We also heard from Dave about a program his sons are involved in called the School of Man in Arkansas as well as the importance of preparing to lead during stressful situations. Finally, Dave has several stories linked to each point he talks about which makes this an especially interesting episode. You do not want to miss it!  

About Dave:

Dave Rogers is a former Navy SEAL and combat veteran. Upon leaving the military in the 1990’s, Dave worked for his family business providing statistical analysis to the petroleum marketing industry before becoming the Republican nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives from Rhode Island’s first congressional district. He went on to work in politics and media, eventually hosting a daily talk radio show in Rhode Island for six years.  

Dave has two adult sons and currently works as a political and defense consultant in his new home of New Hampshire.