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Interview with Tamrin Olden

Interview with Tamrin Olden

Communicating with your stakeholders is important at any time. Communicating with them during emergencies is especially important. In episode 75 we interview Tamrin Olden and discuss the importance of communicating with your stakeholders and putting a plan together...

Tabletop Exercise – Pros and Cons

Tabletop Exercise – Pros and Cons

Advantages and Disadvantage of the Tabletop Exercise I came across some information regarding the main advantages and disadvantages of tabletop exercises. I decided to expand on the list based on my experience and knowledge of conducting these types of exercises...

FirstLook – Customized Crisis Simulation Exercises

FirstLook – Customized Crisis Simulation Exercises

FirstLook is a customized crisis simulation exercise that is created by PreparedEx and delivered by you. Unlike exercises that are delivered using PowerPoint decks that never engage your teams, FirstLook is a series of dynamic and thought-provoking injects that create...

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