Achieving and maintaining optimal crisis preparedness requires several activities throughout the year.


From the review of the crisis management plan to the training and exercising of crisis management teams, achieving, and then maintaining optimal crisis preparedness is a continuous cycle.  

In the FREE Webinar scheduled for September 24, 2020, Rob and Leanne will walk through the following important activities that make help create and maintain optimal crisis management preparedness: 

  • Crisis Management Plan Development (if no plan, or old plan, is in place) 
  • Crisis Management Plan Review – An Annual Review of CMP 
  • Crisis Management Training – Provide Annual Training to the Crisis Management Team(s)  
  • Training Video – Provide Crisis Management Awareness Training to Employees  
  • Exercise Program – Design, Deliver and Evaluate Exercise(s)  
  • Host Horizon Scanning Meetings – Host a Quarterly Horizon Scanning Meeting  
  • Exercise Follow Up and Status Review – With the Crisis Coordinator  
  • Crisis Coordinator Forum – Host Monthly or Quarterly Presentations and Share Regular Findings  
  • Validation of the Crisis Management Team – Annual Validation  

They will also provide an insight into how long each of these activities by providing a sample program timeline.   

Finally, they will also discuss the Crisis Management Maturity Model Roadmap – A 3-Year Approach to Crisis Management Excellence.