2017 has seen some historic storms in North America and South Asia. There’s been a significant increase in cyber-attacks on major businesses such as Equifax and Uber. In the UK the NHS was affected by the WannaCry attack which caused a massive disruption and embarrassment for the NHS. There were many more crises throughout the period.

In our last podcast interview for 2017, we interviewed Jim Preen of Crisis Solutions. Jim provided some excellent insights into crisis management and communications. He specifically spoke about the UK/EU environment and the challenges businesses have in preparing for and responding to incidents.

About Jim:

In his role as Head of Media Services at Crisis Solutions, Jim writes communication plans and delivers master classes on crisis communications.

Jim is the author of ‘Business Continuity Communications’ and the editor of ‘Business Continuity Exercises and Tests’ both of which are co-published by the British Standards Institution and Crisis Solutions.

He is a former journalist who worked for many years at US television network ABC News. He covered the Concorde crash in Paris, the Bosnian war and the first Gulf war. During this time at ABC he won two Emmy awards – the most prestigious awards in US television.

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