Newport, Rhode Island  – Rob Burton, Co-Founder and Managing Director of PreparedEx, the leader in crisis simulation exercises, today announced two new crisis simulation products for tabletop exercises that you conduct yourself: FirstLook Plus and FirstLook Pro provide ultra-realistic, rapidly unfolding crisis scenarios that challenge and improve an organization’s crisis response.

FirstLook Plus offers PreparedEx’s rich library of realistically produced crisis scenarios that are applicable to diverse organizations of all sizes. Whether the selected exercise is based on a natural disaster, workplace violence, or ransomware attack, the realism of the scenarios immediately engages exercise participants. Injects relating to the scenario of realistically simulated TV news broadcasts, newspaper articles, social media comments, etc. are woven together to present the crisis in a highly compelling, exciting way. Exercise scenarios can be downloaded for immediate use with new scenarios available every month. 

FirstLook Pro provides crisis simulations for tabletop exercises conducted by you that PreparedEx crisis experts meticulously tailor to your specific organization. The simulated crisis events include accurate details pertaining to your organization, creating a vivid realism that fully engages your participants’ attentions.

“PreparedEx is excited to offer these two versions of FirstLook exercises because they enable organizations of all types and sizes to conduct tabletop exercises on their own,” said Burton. “Our scenario-based exercises cost-effectively strengthen their crisis preparedness by improving both their plans and their response team’s ability to manage a crisis.”

Learn more about FirstLook Plus and FirstLook Pro here.

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