We live in a virtual world and every day we become more reliant on technology to keep us connected, sometimes it fails. A crisis team should be able to activate and manage an event from any location. It can be difficult to manage significant events without having good situational awareness. Situational awareness can be difficult to create and manage without a disciplined briefing cycle process. There are tools that can also be challenging to utilize if the team is trying to coordinate from an open phone line with an excessive amount of none-crisis team members, it can get crowded and unorganized very quickly. With these issues and others, it’s advisable that the team have a location to convene, a physical location for at least a core group that can start to activate and manage. These locations are often called Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), Situation Rooms, or War Rooms. In this podcast, Rob Burton talks about the benefits of having an EOC and how to effectively set one up and manage it.