In this illuminating episode of the Preparedex LLC podcast, we took a close look at the SEC’s newly finalized cybersecurity disclosure rules, a topic that’s become pivotal in corporate boardrooms across the country. With its potential to redefine the landscape for public companies, it’s crucial for business leaders, investors, and professionals alike to grasp the intricacies of this pivotal change. 

Joining us was distinguished guest, Brian Haugli, CEO of SideChannel, whose expertise and insight shed light on the implications and intricacies of these new regulations. Brian shared his journey in the cybersecurity world, offering both perspective and advice based on his years of experience in the field. 

Points Discussed:  

  • The New Landscape: How does the SEC’s new cybersecurity disclosure rule affect public companies? 
  • Delaying the Inevitable? Understanding the delayed disclosure provision sanctioned by the U.S. Attorney General. 
  • Gensler’s Vision: The alignment of the new rules with SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s perspective on cybersecurity disclosures. 
  • Compliance Deadlines: Dissecting the variances in compliance dates for Forms 8-K, 10-K, and 20-F, and the ripple effects on different company categories, including smaller reporting firms. 
  • Global Implications: Evaluating the challenges and advantages for foreign private entities in aligning with the new rules for cybersecurity risk management. 
  • Run those IRP exercises now and not during the incident!  

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