In episode 17 of the PreparedEx podcast, we discuss five security tips for the business traveler. Although we focus on the business traveler, anyone travelling for pleasure may also find this useful.

When traveling to a foreign place on business or for pleasure, it is important that you understand the inherent dangers associated with that country and more specific the city, town or location. Corporations, Governments and NGO’s have a “Duty of Care” responsibility to safeguard employees and others that represent them while travelling. Sufficient training should be provided to ensure they remain safe and secure.

Show Notes
This is an outline of the 5 security tips we discuss in this podcast.

  1. Pre-Travel Planning: Discover the types of topics and issues you need to research prior to leaving.
  2. Situational Awareness: Detect surveillance and walk through some of the scenarios you might be faced with.
  3. In-Country Safety: Arrival, transportation and accommodations can present opportunities for hostiles.
  4. Information Protection: Learn how and why cyber thieves and petty criminals want your personal and company data.
  5. Espionage Awareness: Study the top 5 ways your information can be accessed and stolen by an adversary.

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