In Episode 116 of the podcast, we interviewed Steve Kuhr CEO of Kuhr Group, LLC. Here’s the questions we posed to Steve:  

  1. Before we get into community resilience, can you set the stage in terms of what a strong emergency preparedness program looks like for a business?  
  1. Can you share what your top three programs would be if you were building a program from scratch and had to prioritize?  
  1. Why are communities better prepared to face disasters when those businesses within those communities are resilient?  
  1. Why is working with your local first responders and other community preparedness groups important for organizational resilience?  
  1. We have seen several rail disasters in recent months, and I know you you’ve been monitoring the one in East Palestine, Ohio. What in your opinion are two of the key lessons that need to be learned from this crisis? Please add some context for future listeners who may not have heard about this event.  
  1. What would be your number one piece of advice for anyone looking to get into the emergency / crisis preparedness field?  
  1. Finally, exercises. Can you tell 3 short stories a good, a bad and an ugly from your own experiences in being part of or actually running exercises. Feel free to have two good and one not so good….