At PreparedEx, our client’s feedback is priceless.

Our clients routinely evaluate the exercises at the end of each session.  We use a standard evaluation form which we then summarize and track for trends to ensure that changes to our process, tools, etc. are improving exercise results.

We use a scale of 1-5 as follows:

5=Excellent 4=Above Average 3=Average 2=Below Average 1=Poor

Over the last 15 months our client evaluations are shown below:



We are extremely proud of the results that we achieve both from a numeric perspective, as well as the multitude of ad hoc comments that are provided.


Just a few of the comments that reflect the client’s progress toward resilience are below:


  • Very thought provoking and beneficial to our crisis planning
  • Valued the joint exercise with local Crisis and Incident Response Team, good engagement overall
  • A very good exercise that opened everyone’s eyes to the multi-disciplinary approach needed to address a major incident.  Helped expose previously unexplored matters.
  • Great exercise – it provided a lot to think about to prepare for the future
  • Simulation effective in identifying gaps to current plan. Appreciate dedicated time to critically important risks.
  • Great session! The interaction /collaborative approach in the break out groups helped to create a comprehensive response to the simulation.
  • Fantastic training course and great opportunity to bring cross functional teams together to get full understanding of roles.
  • Learned a lot about preparing for a crisis
  • Good first look at how emergency ops looks, and opened eyes to how many things we haven’t really planned for
  • Liked the suggestion for “go bags”.  Not enough people think like that.
  • Thank you for helping us improve our Playbook!  Time well spent
  • Take-Away-the need to better coordinate across multiple playbooks from different areas
  • Appreciated the best practice slide at end with your ideas for us
  • Very engaging. Appreciated the interactive nature of discussion and keeping group involved through “Injects”. Also very realistic scenario and representation of our business.
  • Overall, glad we had an opportunity so we realize how unprepared I am re: my role/responsibilities and make sure my team understands what discussed, this role.
  • It was too chilling to hear the last “reporting” of the incident as I pray it never comes true.  Thank you!
  • Well done across the board. Injections were timely and pertinent to the discussions. This was a good refresher for our shooting event exercise from a number of years ago (this one was better).  Thanks for coming by!


If you have questions or inquiries regarding our crisis simulation exercise services, please contact us!