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FinTech Secure Solutions (FSS) faces a ransomware attack in three phases: Day 1 – breach with data loss, Day 5 – legal and reputational crisis, Week 4 – long-term impacts. The scenario aims to test incident response, communication, and legal compliance. It benefits financial institutions, fintech companies, and government agencies, validating plans like IRP, BCP, and DR. 

Your FirstLook Plus Kit Includes:  

  • Your Presentation-Ready Crisis Scenario in PowerPoint 
  • Your Presentation-Ready Crisis Scenario in Video (mp4)
  • Your FirstLook Plus Self-Evaluation Report Form (PDF)

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In this ransomware scenario, FinTech Secure Solutions (FSS), a fictitious company specializing in secure financial transaction processing, faces a devastating cyberattack. The scenario unfolds over three key phases: Day 1, featuring the initial breach with data loss and system downtime; Day 5, highlighting the escalation of the crisis with legal and regulatory challenges and reputational damage; and Week 4, focusing on the long-term impacts, including financial losses, strategic overhauls, and efforts to rebuild trust. This exercise is designed to test and strengthen your incident response, communication strategies, business continuity planning, and legal compliance in the face of a sophisticated cyber threat.  

This scenario can serve as a valuable training and assessment tool for Financial Institutions and Banks, Fintech Companies, Cybersecurity Firms, IT and Technology Service Providers, Insurance Companies Offering Cybersecurity Insurance, Government Regulatory Agencies, Large Corporations with Complex Financial Operations and Consulting and Risk Management Firms.  

Teams That Benefit:  

  • Incident Response Teams 
  • Crisis Management Teams 
  • Crisis Communications Teams 
  • Business Continuity Teams 
  • Disaster Recovery Teams 
  • Resiliency Teams 

Validate These Plans: IRP, BCP, CMT, CCP, DR and BCP 


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