Warehouse – Active Assailant Scenario

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Your Path to Active Assailant Readiness  

This scenario outlines a detailed simulation of an active assailant incident at BV Robotics’ manufacturing site in Chicago, offering a full-spectrum view from threat inception to recovery. Designed with realistic injects and challenging questions, guiding participants through the complexities of crisis management in a manufacturing and warehouse setting.  

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Scenario Overview 

This scenario provides an in-depth portrayal of a potential active assailant incident at BV Robotics’ Chicago manufacturing location, a key hub in its network spanning the US and Canada. From the onset of the threat to the height of the emergency and the recovery phase, the exercise offers a comprehensive perspective on crisis response within a manufacturing and warehouse environment. The meticulously crafted injects paired with thought-provoking questions guide participants through nuanced challenges, fostering a profound grasp of practical intricacies and championing enhancements in vital response areas. 

Who would benefit from this scenario? 

  • Manufacturing plant managers 
  • Safety and security teams within industrial settings 
  • Local law enforcement agencies 
  • Emergency preparedness departments 
  • Other crisis response and management stakeholders 


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