Warehouse – Tornado Scenario

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Your Guide to Mastering Fire Response Capabilities 

This scenario simulates a fire emergency at a simulated manufacturing site, highlighting critical aspects from outbreak to recovery. It focuses on evacuation, firefighting, and post-fire assessments, offering valuable insights for managers, safety teams, maintenance staff, fire departments, and risk assessors involved in manufacturing emergency preparedness. 

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Scenario Overview  

This scenario vividly depicts a sudden fire outbreak at BV Robotics’ (fictitious) Chicago manufacturing location, an integral part of its broad-based operations throughout the US and Canada. From the ignition point, the immediate response, efforts to contain and extinguish, through to the aftermath and recovery stage, the exercise provides a comprehensive lens into fire emergency procedures within an industrial domain. In-depth injects, complemented by probing questions, navigate participants through the complexities of fire safety, emphasizing evacuation protocols, communication, firefighting measures, and post-incident assessments. 

Who would benefit from this scenario? 

  • Warehouse/plant management teams 
  • Safety and emergency teams 
  • Facility maintenance staff 
  • Engineering staff 
  • Local fire departments 
  • Risk assessment professionals 
  • Other essential stakeholders in fire safety and emergency response within manufacturing 


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