Elementary School – Active Shooter

1 Credit

Your Tabletop Exercise Guide to K-5 School Active Assailant Preparedness  

The scenario outlines an Active Assailant Incident at a fictional K-5 school, focusing on crisis response from detection to recovery, aiming to enhance security and safety preparedness. 

Your FirstLook Plus Kit Includes:  

  1. Your Presentation-Ready Crisis Scenario in PowerPoint 
  2. Your Presentation-Ready Crisis Scenario in Video (mp4)
  3. Your FirstLook Plus Self-Evaluation Report Form (PDF)

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This scenario illustrates an evolving situation involving an Active Assailant Incident at a fictitious Elementary School (K-5). From the initial detection of the threat to the ongoing emergency, and finally, the recovery and analysis period, the exercise provides a comprehensive view of crisis management in your environment. The specific injects and corresponding objectives will allow participants to explore the complexities of such a situation, promoting understanding, readiness, and improvement across vital security and safety areas.  

This scenario can serve as a crucial training and assessment tool for the following groups: 

  • Elementary school faculty 
  • Administration staff 
  • Law enforcement agencies 
  • Security providers 
  • Other stakeholders 


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