Welcome to another insightful episode of the PreparedEx podcast! Today, we navigate the intricate and interconnected realms of third-party logistics and cybersecurity. With global supply chains becoming increasingly digital, the urgency to protect and secure logistical operations from a myriad of cyber threats has never been more paramount. 


In this episode, we shine a light on Third-Party Logistics Supply Chain Cybersecurity, exploring the landscape of risks, impacts, and solutions surrounding cybersecurity in the vital logistics sector. 


Joining us is Susan Kargel, a distinguished expert with profound insights into logistics cybersecurity and who will guide us through contemporary challenges and proactive measures in the field. 

We’ll Explore 

  • The role and significance of third-party logistics providers in modern supply chains. 
  • The diverse spectrum of cyber threats looming over the logistical operations. 
  • The repercussions of cybersecurity breaches on interconnected supply chains. 
  • The importance of adhering to international cybersecurity standards and regulations. 
  • Cyber-security and incident management simulation exercises.  

Tune In: 

Whether you’re a logistics professional, a cybersecurity enthusiast, or someone keen to understand the confluence of logistics and cybersecurity, this episode is packed with valuable insights and learnings. Tune in to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to secure the supply chains against the burgeoning cyber threats and safeguard the future of logistics. 

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