In Episode 98 of the podcast Rob interviews Erik Endress of Share911. Erik discusses the importance of receiving timely and accurate information during those first few seconds of an emergency. Erik also provided an insight in the the types of scenarios that require an immediate response as well as the importance of alerting those that might be in the crosshairs of an active shooter or other emerging incident. Here’s what we asked Erik:  

  • What was the most challenging role during your career so far and why?  
  • We are living in a world where threats have the potential to jeopardize an organization, a school or government and non-government groups daily. How can early warning systems support immediate responses, and do you have any examples or why early warning systems work?  
  • What are the key features of having an emergency notification application that is meant to notify stakeholders of danger?  
  • What kind of scenarios require timely information to those in the cross hairs?  
  • Can you let the audience know the importance of running exercises and practicing with any technology that supports emergency response capabilities?  
  • Finally, can you provide an overview of Share911?  

Erik’s bio:  

Erik Endress is the CEO and Co-Founder of OnScene Technologies, Inc. based in the New York City metro area. Erik has been a volunteer firefighter in his hometown of Ramsey, NJ since 1984, where he held a variety of leadership roles within the department. Erik is a recipient of the New York City Mayoral Award for Heroism & Bravery for a lifesaving attempt on a NYC subway. In 2013, Erik combined his first-hand experience as a first responder with his passion for solving problems with technology to launch Share911. Today, Share911 is used in schools and workplaces nationwide, with the company recently rolling out an innovate temporal mass notification system for live events and crowded spaces, enabling people to receive time-sensitive information and emergency alerts while they are onsite.