While some businesses try to plan for emergencies, many just gamble and never do any planning. Having a plan is one thing, testing it is another. Can your business withstand a period of uncertainty due to a natural disaster, cyber-attack or other impact to its operation? This episode is an interview with Peter Gaynor the Director of RIEMA (Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency) who highlights several of the important issues that Rhode Island businesses and communities face with respect to emergency preparedness. Although this podcast is focused on Rhode Island, many of the discussion points are relevant for every business no matter where they’re located or their size.

A bit about the Director:

Peter Gaynor is the Director of the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency and was appointed by Governor Gina Raimondo in January of 2015.
As the Director, he serves as the policy advisor to the Governor on emergency management matters and serves as the liaison between the Federal Emergency Management Agency and all local emergency management offices throughout the State. In addition, he oversees the coordination of various federal disaster and non-disaster grants for the State of Rhode Island. He is also the Chair of the State Interoperable Communications Committee, the State Emergency Response Commission, and is Vice Chair of the State Executive Climate Change Commission.