So many business continuity issues must be considered over the next few weeks and months –

– ranging from business survival, protecting employee health, protecting existing customer relations while gaining new ones, protecting supply chains, liquidity and so on.

Near Horizon — A Covid-19 Recovery Exercise is designed to help your senior managers and crisis team members manage these pressing business continuity issues and make the right decisions to move the organization forward.

Many organizations are already thinking about what the “new normal” will look like and what resources and courses of action (COA) will be required to establish the “new normal.” In a way, you are looking at the horizon or more specifically, the near horizon, as you begin the process of restoring your place in the nation’s economy.

Run in a virtual environment, the exercise would take place in four parts over approximately four hours. It will analyze and build on the lessons you’ve already experienced from your current and on-going response to the pandemic. We would then move onto detailed business continuity planning to get you through the next several months as your business gradually reopens in the face of great changes.


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