During the month of May, Rob Burton is focusing on Horizon Scanning and why this tool should be implemented into your crisis management team’s tool kit.

Predicting Crises Through Horizon Scanning

Horizon Scanning is a systematic examination of potential threats, opportunities and future developments, which may have the potential to create new risks or change the character of risks already identified.

Reference: BS 11200:2014 – Crisis Management – Guidance and Good Practice

Having a clear picture of the risks that an organization faces requires good coordination between a well-prepared, cross-functional crisis management team and its stakeholders.


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Jenny Svenstrup

Jenny Svenstrup

Jenny Svenstrup is the Creative Manager at PreparedEx. Jenny is an accomplished graphic designer with 10+ years experience in corporate identity, print/web design, and custom graphics. Jenny, a native of Cape Cod, MA has worked in many fields over the years, from nursing to business management, and traveling the world as crew on sailing yachts. She began her design career freelancing in the New England area until she started JS Graphics and Marketing in 2008. She has worked successfully in both Spain as well as in the US, and has worked with a variety of clients from all over the world. Her speciality and passion are in photo manipulation/retouching, and custom computer graphics. Her creativity is fueled by an addiction to nature, travel, live music and her two young children. Jenny brings to PreparedEx her knowledge and experience to create true-to-life, realistic videos and visuals to the crisis exercises.