Decision making is easy in a predictable and slow-changing world, but we are a long way from that right now.  In episode 97 of the PreparedEx podcast, Chris Paton discusses what effects decision making, how our biases and heuristics influence us, and the impact this has on tempo.  Chris will also touch on some simple tools that can support the decision making process in any group context. 

Chris’s bio:  

Chris is a specialist in the fields of strategy, gaming, transformation and change – supporting a wide range of public and private sector organisations globally.  In 2010, he co-authored an article on ‘How the UK’s Royal Marines Plan in the Face of Uncertainty’, which was published in the Harvard Business Review, and in 2018 he was published in Strategy Magazine for an article on how organisations can achieve Strategic Agility.   

In his former career, he spent 18 years in the UK’s Royal Marine Commandos, culminating in being Head of Afghan Strategy to the David Cameron Government – during which he was responsible for the strategy to extract all UK combat troops and their equipment in a two-year time frame.  Chris melds this government-level experience with a decade of working in the commercial sphere, supporting clients such as Dubai Expo 2020, Waitrose, Shell, the NHS and Drax Group through far-reaching transformation and change, or launching new initiatives.   

Having worked in many multi-national environments and languages, Chris understands the challenges of breaking down barriers, but also the immense strength that it brings in diversity of thinking and innovation. 

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