In episode 13 of the PreparedEx podcast, we discuss exercise criteria and provide some examples of exercise criteria and how PreparedEx evaluate using a tool known as Fulcrum. Benchmarking one facility or one area of the business against others essential provides better data and overall understand of where the organization is with respect to readiness. Creating the criteria should be based on the objectives as well as any regulatory or industry best practices or internal governance requirements.

Show Notes

PreparedEx has successfully used the Fulcrum application to assist evaluators in developing criteria and documenting exercises. The application is flexible and easy to use on iPads and other mobile devices which make it easy to use in the field or around an EOC or office during a tabletop exercise.

This is an example of a crisis management criteria that we use to evaluate one of our clients and their operations and communications teams during exercises.

This is an outline of the main topics within the criteria:

  1. General Information – location, dates, evaluators and participants
  2. Executive Summary – include an overview of the scenario, results, and objectives
  3. Emergency Plan Information – specific to the location where the exercise is taking place
  4. Pre-Incident: Prevent and Protect – horizon scanning, training, and exercises as well as the crisis / incident plan
  5. Event Response – Situation Room / EOC, leadership and crisis communications
  6. Recovery – specific evaluation criteria that relate to recovery activities / requirements
  7. Issues Identified by the Group – this is self-explanatory
  8. Observation and Recommendations – these are those issues / gaps that were identified by the exercise evaluators during the exercise or at some stage during the design process