In Episode 106 of the podcast, we interviewed Shane Mathew Head of Enterprise Resilience at Zoom and Host of the Failover Plan Podcast. Shane spoke about his career so far as wells as crisis management planning. Shane summarizes what should be in a crisis management program, why crisis management teams should learn how to create situational awareness and finally two stories about crisis management, one good and one bad.  

Shanes’s bio  

Shane Mathew is a Business Resilience professional who serves as Head of Resilience at Zoom Video Communications . In this role, Shane will oversee the inaugural development of the Crisis Management, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery programs for all of Zoom’s global operations. Shane started his career in public health and led one of the first teams charged with developing bioterrorism response and mass prophylaxis plans for the CDC. He’s also served in various leadership roles within government, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.  

Before Zoom, Shane also led the professional services consulting team for a US based risk management firm, where he was responsible for all consulting operations that built resilience programs for many well-known global companies, including Netflix, Gulfstream and others. 

Shane is based in North Texas with his wife of 18 years- Sylvia and their two young children.