In this podcast Rob Burton talks about how PreparedEx work with their customers in accomplishing tabletop exercises. Rob covers the 7 simple steps from contract execution to post exercise activities. The 7 steps are:

Step 1: Contract Execution – This includes the PreparedEx Tabletop Exercise professional services agreement and SOW (Statement of Work). We also require 70% of the contract to be paid prior to

Step 2 commencing. 70% of the work is conducted in the development of the product prior to delivery. 30% final payment is due on the day of the exercise.

Step 2: Initial Planning Meeting – This project kick-off meeting is to define exercise objectives, determine the scenario and discuss any other initial exercise planning considerations.

Step 3: Draft Exercise Outline and Scenario – Upon completion of Step 2, the PreparedEx team will draft an exercise and scenario outline which will be sent to the client. The client will then review this and confirm the direction prior to Step 4. This step also includes a full review of existing plans, processes and capabilities where potential gaps are identified and highlighted.

Step 4: Scenario Development and Final Review – This step includes the development of the details of the scenario and multi-media injects such as video, audio and other simulated visuals. Throughout this process, PreparedEx will work with a trusted agent from within the client’s organization to ensure the finer scenario details are accurate. This process usually comprises or a few calls and email communications and requires a final sign off.

Step 5: Deployment Readiness Phase – This final step prior to delivering the product is when the PreparedEx team completes several tasks. The final review of any materials that might be used as handouts are reviewed and completed. This includes pre-read packages that are either posted to the exercise web-site or provided in PDF format. We also test connectivity via the trusted agent at this stage. Step 5 also includes any travel time that is required to get to the exercise delivery destination.

Step 6: Game Day – This includes the setting up of the event venue and testing equipment (audio visuals etc.) prior to game day which might be the day before. Game Day is the day of the exercise.

Step 7: AAR (After Action Report) The AAR is initially provided in draft format. The client reviews the AAR and provides one set of edits. PreparedEx makes those changes and a final AAR is completed. This phase may also include an AAC (After Action Conference) where PreparedEx presents the findings prior to finalizing the AAR