In episode 105 of the podcast we interviewed Gabriel Friedlander the Founder of Wizer a Cyber-Security Training Company. We spoke about why having a cyber-security awareness program is important as well as ensuring our families have access to training too. Gabby spoke about the importance of storytelling through short videos and how Wizer creates these engaging pieces of content. Finally, we discussed some of the current cyber-security topics that Wizer is hearing about throughout their work out in the field. A great episode that doesn’t disappoint.  

Gabby’s bio  

Gabby is the founder and CEO of Wizer Security Awareness Training. Prior to founding Wizer, he was the co-founder of ObserveIT (acquired by ProofPoint), a company specializing in the detection and prevention of insider threats. For more than a decade he has studied human behavior and researched insider threat with the goal to train organizations on how to avoid and mitigate the risk it poses.