Being able to prepare for, manage and recover from a crisis, is becoming a necessity for every organizations. As an incident starts to unfold, crisis team members need to act quickly to ensure they are in a position to manage the event in a cohesive manner. The pace and intensity of a crisis can be driven by the impact of social media. If you don’t have social media as part of your crisis response strategy, you could be creating a larger challenge for your team. In this episode, we interview Melissa Agnes who is a crisis management expert keynote speaker. We discuss the following:

  • Common crisis communication mistakes
  • Social media and the necessity to have it integrated into your planning
  • Recent example of a poorly managed crisis
  • Recent example of a crisis handled with solid leadership and communication
  • Why critical vendors and other key stakeholders would be part of your planning and exercises
  • The future of technology and the challenges organizations face (live streaming during a crisis)