In episode 89, we interviewed Rob Doran of Black Dog Crisis Management Ltd. Rob discussed the current state of COVID in the UK and the impact it’s having on businesses and society. Rob also spoke about some of the lessons that organizations should have learned from the last two years and why they should be planning for other risks within their environments. Finally, the discussion went to exercises and Rob provided his view on why exercises should still be part of an organization’s crisis planning.  

About Rob Doran

Rob is an accomplished expert in the field of resilience. Comfortable working at the strategic, tactical and operational levels, Rob brings a proven track record in leading and delivering high quality resilience programmes in the UK and internationally. 

Rob founded Black Dog Crisis Management Ltd in 2016, providing resilience, crisis management and business continuity services to a range of public and private sector clients in the UK and overseas. He is an Associate of the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College, the UK’s centre of excellence for resilience training and doctrine. 

Rob specialises in strategic crisis management and works with governments around the world to support the development of senior leadership competence and confidence to manage the most challenging of emergency incidents. This has included the development of national risk assessment and planning assumption approaches in several countries to help guide capability and response planning. In addition, Rob has significant experience in developing and leading testing and exercise programmes. 

Before this Rob spent the majority of his career working in the UK Government’s crisis management and resilience structures. Here he played a key part in national COBR responses to major civil emergencies in recent years, developed and implemented new approaches to tackling the challenges posed by civil emergencies, and supported the delivery of a number of significant major events, including the 2012 Olympics, 2014 NATO Summit and 2015 Rugby World Cup. 

Rob also has significant experience in supporting multi-agency partners at the local level to build their capabilities to prepare, respond to, and recover from, emergencies. 

Website: Black Dog Crisis Management 

Twitter: @blackdogcrisis