1. I was a Crisis Coordinator at the age of 18…

Veterans gain invaluable skills during their service that can be translated and utilized in the crisis coordinator role. In this short video, Rob Burton discusses his own experience as a young soldier and what he skills he carried over into the private sector.

2. PreparedEx Podcast Episode 66: Crisis Leader Versus Crisis Communicator

In this, our 66th episode, Rob Burton discusses the difference between the Crisis Leader and the Crisis Communicator. In this short podcast, Rob describes the difference and provides a list of the different responsivities of each role.  


3. Role of the Crisis Coordinator

In this third installment of the Whiteboard Wednesday video series, Rob discusses the role of the Crisis Coordinator, from horizon scanning, through recovery and “lessons learned”.

4. BLOG: The Crisis Coordinator – Organizing the Team

Quickly assembling and organizing your Crisis Team is critical to the success of your response. A Crisis Coordinator is essential!