This is a common list of things we do throughout the tabletop exercise engagement.


During this process we will:


  1. Assist in the refinement of exercise objectives in coordination with your organizations exercise coordinator
  2. Tailor the scenario to address stated exercise objectives
  3. Develop an overview of the scenario story line (a start, middle and end)
  4. Develop the Master Scenario Events List (MSEL)
  5. Conduct periodic update meetings/conference calls with your exercise coordinator and trusted agent(s)
  6. Ensure the exercise delivery location, rooms and other resources (food) are book
  7.  Develop exercise materials including a pre-read video
  8. Help conduct pre-exercise training sessions (as necessary)
  9. Test any technology that might be used during the tabletop
  10. Identify moderator(s) for breakout sessions during exercise
  11. Ensure that evaluators of the exercise have complete package of information (e.g., exercise objectives, evaluation criteria developed for exercise, etc.) to do an effective job
  12. Check audio/visuals and the location / room the night before the exercise
  13. Conduct the exercise and “Hot Wash,” the debriefing held immediately following the exercise
  14. In coordination with exercise coordinator develop After-Action Report (AAR) based on input from the “Hot Wash,” observations from the “Control Team,” and their own observations
  15. Summarize participant evaluations for including in the final AAR
  16. Draft remediation plan using a matrix to facilitate prioritizing actions
  17. Conduct an After Action Conference teleconference with key leaders & exercise coordinator to ensure understanding of observations
  18. Deliver the final AAR within an agreed upon time as coordinated with exercise coordinator
  19. Create a summary AAR video that can be sent to leadership and used for awareness

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Rob Burton

Rob Burton

Rob is a Principal at PreparedEx where he manages a team of crisis preparedness professionals and has over 20 years of experience preparing for and responding to crises. Part of his leadership role includes assisting PreparedEx clients in designing, implementing and evaluating crisis, emergency, security and business continuity management programs. During his career Rob has worked for the US State Department’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program, as a crisis management consultant in Pakistan and Afghanistan where he negotiated with the UN and Pashtun tribal warlords and he served with the United Kingdom Special Forces where he operated internationally under hazardous covert and confidential conditions. Rob was also part of a disciplined and prestigious unit The Grenadier Guards where he served Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Palaces in London. Rob was a highly trained and experienced infantryman serving in Desert Storm and commanded covert operational teams and was a sniper. Rob has keynoted disaster recovery conferences and participated in live debates on FOX News regarding complex security requirements and terrorism. Rob has a Queen’s Commendation for Bravery.