In episode 83 Rob covers the 12 essential steps for a crisis communicator to take during a cyber breach crisis. These steps can be used in any crisis not just cyber. Rob refers to the eBook that The International Crisis Management Conference put together a few years ago. We added the link to the eBook in the show notes.


  1. Make sure you, as the Head Communicator, are part of the Crisis Team.  
  2. Centralize Communications. 
  3. Identify stakeholders impacted by the crisis.  
  4. Craft Your Crisis Messages Following These Principles 
  5. Make Employees Your Highest Priority Audience. 
  6. Issue a Holding Statement that Names the Incident as soon as possible.  
  7. Prepare tough Q&As (for internal use).  
  8. Ensure Tight Coordination of Communications with Other Agencies Involved in the Crisis.  
  9. Utilize Credible Third Parties to Support Your Position. 
  10. Aggressively and Systematically Monitor. 
  11. After the Crisis.