HQ Office – Active Assailant

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Your Tabletop Exercise Guide to Active Assailant Preparedness  

This scenario addresses Targeted Violence at a simulated business Headquarters, guiding participants from threat detection to recovery. It enhances crisis management skills in a business context, focusing on improving understanding, readiness, and security measures. 

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This scenario illustrates a grave and evolving situation involving an incident of Targeted Violence at your Headquarters. From the initial detection of the threat to the ongoing emergency, and finally, the recovery and analysis period, the exercise provides a comprehensive view of crisis management in a business environment. The specific injects, and corresponding objectives will allow participants to explore the complexities of such a situation, promoting understanding, readiness, and improvement across vital security and safety areas. 

Who would benefit from this scenario? 

  • Crisis Leadership Teams  
  • Law Enforcement Agencies 
  • Security Providers 
  • Management Teams 
  • Other Stakeholders 


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