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Achieving optimal crisis preparedness is a continuous process that requires a series of important activities throughout the year. In the Annual Crisis Management Service, our team of crisis preparedness professionals guide you and your organization through the various stages of reaching optimal crisis management preparedness.

The Services

Services We Offer With This Program

Plan Development (if no plan, or old plan, is in place)

This is for those organizations that need to implement a Crisis Management Plan.

Crisis Management Plan Review – An Annual Review of CMP

If your organization needs to develop a crisis plan, is looking to refine an existing one, or wants to develop detailed plans for particular crisis scenarios, we can assist. We’ll tailor a new plan to your exact needs, help you refine your existing one, and/or help you plan in detail for specific scenarios.

Crisis Management Training - Provide Annual Training to the Crisis Management Team(s)

Your crisis management team, which should include a back-up for each team member, needs to receive annual training on members’ roles and responsibilities. This training is delivered over a series of modules.

Training Video – Provide Crisis Management Awareness Training to Employees

Crisis management is not just the responsibility of leadership. Often employees that work on the frontlines of an organization are the ones who are exposed to potential crises. Employees need to be empowered and trained on potential risks. A short video is created and shared with all employees as part of annual crisis management training.

Exercise Program – Design, Deliver and Evaluate Exercise(s)

The only way to ensure maximum preparedness is through a program of regular exercises that test, assess and improve your crisis plans and your crisis team’s response. PreparedEx is a world leader in both conducting exercises and in educating organizations to conduct their own. Exercises can range from relatively simple tabletop exercises to full-scale exercises coordinating with other agencies, such as first responders.

Host Horizon Scanning Meetings – Host a Quarterly Horizon Scanning Meeting

dentifying and understanding future risks that may impact your organization is an essential aspect of crisis management planning. The PreparedEx team hosts quarterly Horizon Scanning meetings that help prioritize and plan for key risks.

Exercise Follow Up and Status Report – With the Crisis Coordinator

The continual improvement cycle in all areas of your business is essential, and it is no different with crisis preparedness. This one-on-one status report meeting is designed to support the crisis coordinator or those individuals responsible for making changes to the crisis plan or other areas that were identified as gaps during the planning and exercise process.

Crisis Coordinator Forum – Host Monthly or Quarterly Presentations and Share Regular Findings

For larger organizations with regional, national, or international footprints, it is important to have close communication among all Crisis Coordinators. Sharing lessons learned and experiences is an essential aspect of organization-wide resiliency.

Validation of the Crisis Management Team – Annual Validation

The Crisis Management Team needs to continue improving throughout the year. At the end of the annual crisis management program cycle, the Crisis Management Team and those in backup roles are validated through a test to ensure learnings continue to be embedded in the team.

The Crisis Management Maturity Model Roadmap

A 3-Year Approach to Crisis Management Excellence

Our annual crisis management program service includes our crisis management maturity model that helps you assess the current effectiveness of your program and supports the understanding of what capabilities need to be implemented to improve your crisis management program performance.

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