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5 Questions To Ask Prior To Your Tabletop Exercise

5 Questions To Ask Prior To Your Tabletop Exercise

When planning your tabletop exercise, consider asking these 5 questions:   1. Why are we conducting this exercise? Is this a request from senior management or has it come down from the board? Is it a new internal or externally regulated requirement? Whatever the...

Crisis Exercise Design – The MSEL

Crisis Exercise Design – The MSEL

The Master Sequence of Events List (MSEL), is the primary document used to manage an exercise, to know when events are expected to occur, and to know when to insert injects (information) into the exercise.   A summary version of a MSEL document can also be used...

Training Methods: Breakout Groups

Training Methods: Breakout Groups

During an exercise or war game there will often occur a key decision point when it becomes necessary or more time efficient to break out some of the participants into a separate smaller group, often called a “breakout group.”   This small group can be very...

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