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War-gaming – Part 1:  The History

War-gaming – Part 1: The History

The term, "war-game" is simply a translation of the German term, "kriegspiel." Because many are simply uncomfortable with the term "war-game," feeling perhaps that war is too serious for "games," you will often see every term but war-game used to describe war-games....

Pandemic Business Continuity Planning

Pandemic Business Continuity Planning

Are you prepared for how a pandemic might affect your organization?   During the past decade we have witness a rise of new sub-types of influenza viruses, including some which have shown the ability to be transferred from animal to animal, then animal to human,...

New Englanders, Are We Prepared?

New Englanders, Are We Prepared?

After the recent historic flooding in the Balkans, it made me wonder about how prepared I was as a business and home owner here in New England, US. According to CNN, Serbia had three months of rain in just three days. Are we prepared for our very own 100 year storm?...

Five Essentials for an Effective Crisis Plan

Five Essentials for an Effective Crisis Plan

It’s a harsh and inevitable reality: A crisis lurks just around the corner for all organizations.   A well-tested, up-to-date crisis plan is therefore indispensable for ensuring business continuity and brand protection when reality strikes. But some plans are...

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