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Being The Grey Man

Being The Grey Man

The great game of people watching. Always a fun pastime (especially when it’s part of your job).  Next time you’re in a public place such as an airport, try this game: "Guess the Nationality". Apart from obvious facial features and tribal dress, people from certain...

5 Security Tips for Travelers

5 Security Tips for Travelers

Security isn't always on the top of your mind when we travel, but it should be.   Be alert when you step off the plane Traveling long distances can cause tiredness, and tiredness and lead to making mistakes that could impact your journey. When you arrive into the...

3 Goals For Your Next Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise

3 Goals For Your Next Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise

When creating a cybersecurity tabletop exercise to validate the organizations ability to respond and manage a cybersecurity incident, consider the following three exercise goals. Validate Leadership Decision-Making One of the most important functions of a leader in a...

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