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I Just Want To Say, Thank You!

I Just Want To Say, Thank You!

From Podcasts to Blogs to Videos - We're all about sharing experiences and lessons in Crisis Management. We appreciate all of you. Please don’t stop providing us with feedback!   [video width="1280" height="720"...

Sharing Critical Information During Emergencies in 2019

Sharing Critical Information During Emergencies in 2019

Keeping people informed during emergencies is an essential necessity for employers and governments. Being able to create situational awareness as quickly as possible, and then having the ability to share custom data to an audience is part of what In-telligent does. We...

Striving For Continuous Improvement

Striving For Continuous Improvement

At PreparedEx, our client's feedback is priceless. Our clients routinely evaluate the exercises at the end of each session.  We use a standard evaluation form which we then summarize and track for trends to ensure that changes to our process, tools, etc. are improving...

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