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We are preparedness professionals ready to help your organization and its professionals achieve optimal preparedness.

Among the most important services we provide, essential for optimal preparedness, are crisis exercises.


Crisis Simulation Exercises

PreparedEx has been designing and delivering exercises for twelve years and has over sixty years of combined expertise within the crisis simulation, corporate war-gaming and exercise space. We deliver the following types of exercises


Tabletop Exercises bring together heads of lines of business and leaders of business processes in a low-stress environment to test crisis management, emergency management and business continuity. Realistic scenarios are presented in an engaging, relatively relaxed environment, where teams walk through their plans for responding to an unfolding crisis.


Functional Exercises heighten the intensity. They are delivered at a faster pace than Tabletop Exercises and require live communication among a larger range of constituents, including external parties. For many organizations, a Functional Exercise is often the natural progression from a Tabletop Exercise.


Full-Scale Exercises are the closest thing to a real event, which increases the challenges on exercise participants. Full-Scale Exercises incorporate all operational and communications functions of an organization. These exercises can also include external parties, such as first responders, vendors, government agencies, etc. – parties sure to be involved in many kinds of crises.


Exercises based on war games follow the military’s practice of using competitive, or “red,” teams to simulate actions that competitive parties or organized opposition groups could take to counter or discredit an organization’s crisis strategies and messaging. Competitive war games enable organizations to gain experience managing the sorts of crises that occur in a hostile, competitive arena.


Drills test discrete aspects of an emergency response plan and are less complex than the other forms of exercises. Fire drills are the most common type. Other types include safety- and security-related drills such as for workplace violence and active shooter events. Drills are very useful as first steps in the build-up to larger-scale exercises.


Our Exercise Development Process


Step 1

Initial Preparation


Step 2

Exercise and Scenario Design

Step 3

Final Exercise Preparation

Step 4

Exercise Delivery and Evaluation

Step 5

Post Exercise Activities

Tabletop Exercise Packages

Pricing Models For Your Organization’s Needs

Tabletop Exercises that are designed, delivered and evaluated by the PreparedEx team. We offer the following four products


This is the shortest of the four products in terms of the length of the session. Ideal for executive leadership teams and similar smaller sized groups (boards) to focus in on the more strategic related issues that would challenge the organization during a crisis.


Is the most common length tabletop exercise. Our Charlie offering is the best value for the cost. This tabletop exercise can be extended to a wider group within the organization as well as external partners / critical vendors.


This is a half-day workshop. This product can be used by most areas of a business to analyze a few specific objectives such as crisis management roles and responsibilities. Ideal for a single team or a few smaller teams such as operations and communications.


This is a full-day workshop. The Delta product is more complex than other products within our tabletop exercise offerings. This type of exercise can include a larger set of players from within and outside of the organization.

First Look

We design it. You Deliver it.

What is First Look?

FirstLook is a customized crisis simulation exercise that is created by PreparedEx but delivered by you.

Unlike exercises that are delivered using power point decks that never engage your teams, FirstLook is a series of dynamic and thought-provoking injects that create a buzz.


Here’s what our clients say about our services

“We ran our first virtual tabletop (under Covid conditions) working with Rob and his team using FirstLook. Rob’s team made the exercise scenario and design process simple and seamless for us. The audio and visual elements they created added another level of excitement that kept our emergency management team focused on the exercise. The discussions throughout the exercise were productive and provided some key takeaways. Using FirstLook we were also able to include external stakeholders to participate in the scenario with us. The engagement and level of participation was tenfold compared to any of our previous tabletop exercises. Feedback from participants was that it was the best tabletop exercise they have ever participated in! It has been a pleasure to work with the PreparedEx team and we are looking forward to the next exercise.”  

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